Pillow Talk

The place of random thoughts, ideas and chatter where Sir Cadian celebrates all things sleep, home, and dressing for bed.
From bees busily buzzing around the last of summer blooms to the seasonal offerings available at the Farmers’ Market, August, hot, sweaty, sensual in its sultriness yet simultaneously exhausting, brings forth signals of change in nature. While noon scorches, nights cool, and perceptibly lengthen, and with all this summer begins to feel slowly at its end.
Summer's 'dog days' as per tradition runs from July 3 – August 1. Dog days are hot and sultry! We may find ourselves dragging our feet, moving a little slower… Because of this summer’s dog days are for holidays. For lingering lunches on park benches, for hanging out in the hammock, for running through the kid’s splash pad, for finding that neighborhood pool or its shady nooks. Its shorts and flip flops. And this dog day's Pillow Talk blog is dedicated to them…
For sure, June is the month to swoon over. Half-way through the year, it’s for making up for lost time, and winter drearies. It’s for getting outside, visiting friends and fam, celebrating Dad (the some love) and the longest day (with a sunset/starry night picnic)…And maybe discovering the nightly ritual that helps you have a better sleep! Whatever you do, be safe and have fun!
MAY: the month that provides us permission to cultivate the kind of Spring and Summer life we long for. A month named after Maia - the Roman spring goddess of growing plants (because yes, even in Roman times, this was when flowers burst into bloom).
April, at least, according to the poets, is perhaps the most lyrical of months…Flowers, showers, thoughts of mating, have all inspired creative musings. But of course there’s more to it than that – take a read and find out!

Quick - March! Off we go! Spring’s on its way, and with nature waking up, and longer days (and shorter nights) ahead, we turn our thoughts to “what’s up”?

It’s February, so what’s love got to do with it? Plenty, according to this month’s Pillow Talk... Take a read! 
How to get the New Year off to a good start? By setting intents, of course. Perhaps it involves making life changes – like being more earth-conscious, or starting anew by moving locations, switching careers… Read on for more!
From the yum of rum-spiked drinks, to the joys of saying “thank you/love you” with a gift, December is a month that has a flavor, and joyful buzz all of its own. It’s also one where - ahem -  certain indulgences are permitted… Let’s check ‘em!