The season transforms. Leaves turn. Days become shorter, and, on or part, without showing bias, going to bed earlier starts to feel a lot more appealing - and there’s a reason why it should (read on). However, here at Sir Cadian we are also thinking Hallowe’en – and Holidays, and all the giving and getting and tricks and treating that goes on this time of year. 

Here’s what we think about Fall.


  1. You convince yourself eating extra carbs is medically advised
  2. You stop complaining about the humidity and start dreading snow
  3. You switch from white to red and justify it re.  “fuller body”, and “pepper notes”
  4. You feel Pumpkin Spice Latte is a Fall cliché but can’t resist
  5. You buy a neon running jacket and make resolutions for a 6:30 a.m. run you can’t possibly keep
  6. You use the word “hibernation” to excuse your new habit of sleeping in
  7. You decide the best defense against a cold is a late night drink of whisky, hot water, and honey aka, a “hot toddy”
  8. You love your Sir Cadian shorts so much you start wearing leggings under them*

*As their S.O., you might want to buy him a pair of Sir Cadian Joggers, instead.


Time to get back to roots and the culinary joys of one pot cooking -i.e.  the soups, stews and curries, that tastefully embrace Fall’s harvest of squashes, sweet potatoes, and fresh beans.  Since Hispanic cuisine has long appreciated the role of protein-rich beans in our diets, we can’t think of anything better to have on the stovetop than a classic-with-a-twist chili. Use plant-based ground, such as Beyond Meat or Gardien, instead of meat, and you help the earth while also satisfying the tum. Yum!

For extra oomph this chili is enriched by something Hispanic culture loves - dark chocolate!


Sir Cadian’s newest playlist has already dropped on Spotify, bringing you rhythms and beats that match the mellower but still upbeat mood of the season. Enjoy on those lingeringly-lazy Saturday and Sunday Fall mornings as well as those cosy nights together. 


Think you sleep better now that the night’s are cooler. You’re probably right. Heat and humidity in particular can disturb sleep while sleeping in a colder room can improve your sleep quality and even help limit insomnia. Scientists link this to the fact that as our body temperature naturally drops at night our metabolism rate slows down, which means we spend less energy during sleep. Not too hot and not too cold is the balance needed to keep your circadian rhythms in sync. Of course, how you prep your bed and what you wear also has an impact in supporting thermoregulation. Our best sleep bet: a cooler room (see tip below) and switching up to a pair of fleece-lined Sir Cadian Joggers

Tip: A temperature between 60 to 68F (or 15-19°C) will help lower the body temperature faster and can help bring on sleep.


We intro’d monogramming at the end of September and found that we were answering a need of many of you to personalize your Sir Cadian purchase – either because you wanted it personalized or it was going to be an ultra-personal gift. Looking back, we find monogramming to be more than just embroidered initials on a robe. It’s a statement. And long ago, a status symbol on everything from sheets to handkerchiefs. Wondering about monogramming in the here and now, is it a reaction against our impersonal culture? 


Celebrated on the 4th Saturday in October, Make a Difference Day brings home what making a difference means. In individual lives. In communities. Every day.  It could be smiling at strangers, buying a rough-sleeper a meal, helping a senior with their shopping, assisting at a rescue animal organization, fundraising for a community group. We believe in making a difference, because – well, it makes the difference. This month, we’ll be sharing what the Sir Cadian crew does to “make a difference”. Look out for our stories on our IG!

BOO! Coming soon - Halloween!  A night inspired by all things gloriously dark and scary, freaky and fun manifest in one crazy dress-up of a night. Wherever your Hallowe’en night takes you - at home giving out treats - or at the local bar or house party, -  do it safely, and  know that when you come home there’s something devilishly comfortable waiting for you - your Sir Cadians.

*Don’t forget our Halloween giveaway running through October 31st. Make sure to tag anyone whose bedtime look is scary (or terrible!) for the opportunity to win a $100 Sir Cadian gift card to upgrade his (or your) sleepwear. See our  IG post for details!
October 07, 2021 — Karys Rodriguez

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