How to get the New Year off to a good start? By setting intents, of course. Perhaps it involves making life changes – like being more earth-conscious, or starting anew by moving locations, switching careers… One thing helps with all intents, is that you begin them with the dedication and inner strength that comes from being healthy and well-rested.

The January Blues

After all the pent up expectations of the Holidays, January can seem a bit of a let-down. The days aren’t yet long -  or sunny -  enough. And worse, you may have made resolutions – like ditching caffeine - that may not initially be helping your mood. Our solution, as you might guess, is to focus on looking after body and soul and where that begins, of course, is by having energy for the walks and exercise that blow away the blues, and the good sleeps and nutritious diets, that give you energy to enjoy them. Easy!

Slowing Down

Go outside North America and you’ll find that Sunday as a day of rest still holds true. Shops are shut, streets are quiet, and the day itself is still regarded as a time to rest and refuel from the madness of the week. For us in the USA, the pandemic definitely reminded us that we could, in fact, change the pace of our lives and that often our lives and relationships were richer for it.  So as the year begins, try it: if Sunday doesn’t work for you, appoint yourself a day of rest and if anyone asks you why you’re not rushing around the mall, remind them that, as in the fable of the tortoise and the hare, slow and steady does win the race.

THE SKINNY ON SLEEPWEAR…. Sleeping naked is a choice. But Sleepwear is better…Here’s why.

#1 REST: You know that melatonin you pop to help you sleep? Well we actually produce melatonin ourselves! However, we can also inhibit its production (and therefore benefits) by sleeping in a room that’s too hot or, say, wearing overly-cozy pj’s).  To create the right sleeping environment check your room temperature (we say anywhere 65-68 degrees Fahrenheit) and choose sleepwear that’s breathable and helps regulate body temperature (here’s looking at you Sir Cadian!).  With the right environment and sleepwear you should have no need for that nightly pill.

#2 REPAIR: While you are drifting away into the zzzzone or enjoying dreamy REMs the body is at work repairing the body and bringing you back in sync with your circadian rhythms .  So what helps you enter and stay in that deep sleep zone? Certainly the  avoidance of certain things - eating late, alcohol, or late night scrolling through the news.  What helps: sleepwear that breathes with you, that moves with you, that keeps your body cool and comfortable - just like Sir Cadian!

#3 RELATIONSHIPS: Sleepwear with the right style and appeal makes for better relationships and you can’t forget the role looking good at bedtime plays in inspiring sex! Partner or not, looking good also prompts a better relationship with self. When you go to bed in sleepwear that is not only  a compliment to your body but also comfortable, you are setting yourself up for heightened sense of self. (As for whether or not wearing Sir Cadian will inspire a better sex life… No comment!)

The Age of Plants

If you know anything about the trends of the past few years it has been the use of plants in alt-everything - from plant-based options to meat, to packaging and also our fabrics and clothing. Plant based fabrics - such as the lyocell Sir Cadian uses in our sleepwear -  has many attributes, but the best thing is that it is biodegradable – and can return to where it comes from - the earth as opposed to synthetic fabrics such as polyester which end up clogging our landfills or spinning microplastics into our waterways. True, sustainable clothing costs a little bit more but is absolutely worth it – to the earth, and also your comfort.

The Refresh

A new year is a great time to replenish wardrobe basics  - the socks that have worn thin at toe and heel, the undies that show their wear in slack elastic, or gaping seams. If you are in the mood to “start fresh” now is the time to take a look at Sir and check out our classic 3 Boxer Bundle deal.   

To Look Forward To From Sir Cadian…

New colors, and new intro’s are coming soon in our Spring Drop. Some new collaborations too as we partner with like-minded companies to give you opportunities for “wins”. Plus, lf course,  our commitment to being a foremost purveyor of sustainable, high-comfort, sleepwear remains strong. To be first to know, follow us on IG!

January 05, 2022 — Karys Rodriguez

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