Right from the get-go we were determined to do “good” by Sir Cadian — to make hiseponymous sleepwear earth-wise and planet-friendly. Here’s the story so far, but trust us, ourdedication is to continue the path we’re on and to do what we can to deliver our eco best —now and in the future, for you and the planet.


Making Sir Cadian sleepwear sustainable andbiodegradable was a must for us. That’s why we turned
to plant-based fabrics like Tencel™Modal, bamboo, andorganic cotton. The bonus — as well as being earthfriendly, our fabrics feel soft and luxurious. That’s the
Additionally, each of our preferred fabrics are OEKO-TEX 100 tested for over 100+ harmful substances.


Small things, indeed, but they matter. Instead of plastic,our buttons are the dried and polished nuts from palmtrees, while upcycled cotton materials are used in SirCadian’s drawcords.


Our prints are inspired by nature and the world, and itwas important for us to ensure that they were printed toreflect that pro-nature spirit. Digital printing was ourchoice — more expensive, yes, but cleaner and lesswasteful than traditional screen printing.


Whether gift or personal purchase, the pleasure of SirCadian’s arrival at your door had to be reflected in theearth-consciousness of its packaging. Aiming for lesswaste, our shipping mailers are plant-based and PBAT(Polybutyrate Adipate Terephthalate) and arebiodegradable. Our gift box, tissue paper and stickers areall certified sustainable by the Forest StewardshipCouncil (FSC). For most of our printing, we use all-natural soy ink.