For sure, June is the month to swoon over. Half-way through the year, it’s for making up for lost time, and winter drearies. It’s for getting outside, visiting friends and fam, celebrating Dad (the some love) and the longest day (with a sunset/starry night picnic)…And maybe discovering the nightly ritual that helps you have a better sleep! Whatever you do, be safe and have fun!


OK, we can get bored with routines. But our sleep cycle doesn’t. In fact, a good night’s sleep likes routines. So, even while you are traveling for business or fun, following some basic routines will encourage your body to remember it's sleepy time.  Some of the routines we like. 

  1. The idea of a firm “bed time”. Going to bed a bit later, won’t discourage sleep, but altering your nightly schedule by hours might, so despite distractions, try to head to bed around the same time each night. 
  2. Setting the habit of an after-dinner walk to catch the sunset aids digestion, but done nightly is a reminder that the day is coming to an end. and can set you mentally in the mood for bed. 
  3. Another good-night habit, is to have a bedtime drink – something warm and pleasing that you begin to associate with hitting the sack.  Have a warm bath, they can help lower your core body temperature and adding some essence – like the herb clary sage - available in an essential oil,   can really help you drift off nicely.


If routines can influence sleep, guess what can inspire the start of your day. That’s right - a sunrise. Early birds know the feelings. And with the sun rising early, now’s the time to get into the habit of getting up with the lark and catching that soul-inspiring sunrise. 


Yes, snoring is a bore. It’s a bore to those who suffer from it. And for those who sleep beside it. You think it’s a male problem. But it’s a female one too. And the family pet is not immune either! Snores happen when the body is being temporarily deprived of oxygen i.e. it’s your body leaping to compensate when say, the tongue slips to the back of the mouth. Snoring can be a grunt here or there, or a sweeping symphony of snores.  Apart from being anti-social, snoring has consequences: it disturbs the quality of one’s sleep and can make you, and your S.O. tired, it’s also a danger to health - all are good reasons why you may want to do something about it. 

There is no one solution. Natural solutions include losing weight, minimizing alcohol, sleeping on your side, using a special pillow that keeps the head propped. Then there are devices from sophisticated CPAP machines - plus all the anti-snoring devices - from chin straps to nasal strips -  you can Google. For those family members or roomies on the receiving end - options are limited - there are ear plugs and pods and, of course,  separate rooms. Or do as a friend did as a sign of loyalty when her partner needed a CPAP machine - get one of your own. Did she need it? Not really, but that’s what we call love.


While watching the waves, and trying to spot sea life, take the time to consider what oceans provide our planet with. They produce half of our oxygen supplies, help regulate global temperatures. They provide coastal communities with food supplies and jobs and for the rest of us, provide us with the ingredients for critical medications used to treat cancers and other diseases. In other words, they keep us healthy, and it’s up to us to keep them healthy, too, so let’s lose the plastic, and keep our laundry microfiber free! 

(World Ocean Day was June 8, but let’s make every day Ocean Day by limiting plastic and microfiber waste.)


The perfect complement to your eco-creds it to know your way round a plant-based bbq and to make it an experience even the die-hard carnies in the fam can enjoy without a grumble. Sure you can opt for any of the popular faux-meat burgers – Impossible, Beyond Meat, Sol, etc.!  But you can also start from scratch. For that big juicy bite into a bun, plus all those pickle and sauce fixings, simple plant-based recipes can do it. All you need are good recipes, the right ingredients - from burger to sauce that create all the yum! To start, go easy on yourself ,with the minimalist yum of a grilled portobello mushroom. Our go-to recipe here.


When we intro’d Sir Cadian, the Tee option we had was a v-neck. Not a deep one, but one that was just v-enough to bring some style to the neck area. Still, we knew there were men out there who were all about the traditional look of a crew. So, voila! Launching in our new Palm Springs capsule collection, a crew neck – available in prints and our new range of solids. Still in our Tencel Modal fabric, still breathable, and still sustainable. In the soft-touch you loved about our original Tee but in a crew!


Last year around this time we saluted the growing trend towards mocktails. Since then, more non-alcoholic substitutes have entered the market and one we just got intro’d to is The Pathfinder Hemp and Root Spirit, an amaro bitter digestive style drink distilled and fermented in the Pacific Southwest.  Here’s why: Plant-based (from hemp but no cbd), versatile (can form the base of a summer cocktail or as an all-season digestif). Its branding hints at traditional apothecary style benefits which we love, but for us it's just the perfect ingredient for a Highball (as follows!)


2 oz The Pathfinder Hemp & Root Spirit

½ oz lemon juice

Top with seltzer

Muddled cucumber and mint

Lemon wedge garnish

Serve over rocks in a drinking glass.



Karys & Ale

June 16, 2022 — Karys Rodriguez

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