Spot the difference!  The paradox of November. While the end of Daylight Savings Time on November 7 allows us to fall back an hour, what’s leaping ahead are thoughts of holiday - and all the giving and getting that represents. So maybe it’s timely to say, “we’re here for you”. Sir Cadian Sleepwear is a thoughtful gift for men of all ages in many ways – not to mention it’s a neat blend of sexy and eco-friendly, so take a browse. Need suggestions – our Holiday Page launches on Friday, November 12 but scroll down for a hint!


November 11 at 11:00 am. Universally a time to pause and thank our veterans of all wars and to recognize them for the countless sacrifices made in the name of peace and freedom. 


While some of you may consider melatonin the sleep aid you reach for, it’s actually naturally produced in the body (and also found in tart cherries). What does melatonin respond to? Sunlight. This synching of light and hormones is the reason why we wake naturally in the early sunrises of summer time and want to sleep in during dark winter’s darker mornings. However, as of November 7, when we fall back an hour, that changes. Well, sort of...


We love the Movember movement as it brings men together as they compete to grow the most perfect moustache! Also it allows their partner some amusement (and, yes, tickles). But most importantly the Movember movement spreads awareness of the need for men to get their prostate checked while raising funds for Prostate Cancer. 

From now through the end of November we’re supporting the Prostate Cancer AssociatIon through something fun -  our mustache monogrammed Tee. Part of the proceeds go to the Prostate Cancer Association.


There’s nothing like having a partner for those cold winter months. Cozier than a cashmere scarf, a partner keeps you busy with thoughts of romance. (And, of course, two under the duvet are warmer than one). Cuffing (as this seasonal need for singles to get hooked up is called) is nearly universal. Our suggestions are to use the opportunity to get spruced and to embrace the season with a twinkle in your eye, a good dating app – and some new sleepwear from Sir Cadian, of course. (Note: our Boxers are dating musts!)


Now that you’ve told us that you’ve been wearing our Sir Cadian Boxers for day, we’ve been looking for a way to acknowledge this!  So here’s the happy news for our Boxer-as-underwear lovers -  we’ve made them bundles for Holiday. Solids or Prints take your pick. One of our other bundles is a bit more luxe, way more lounge-y and all about making a good impression in that Master Bedroom – a Robe and a matching Eye Mask.  Available November 12 in our Holiday Shop!


We love traditions but love to give them new twists too. So while many are thinking about feasting, we like to think of different ways of saying thanks. To us, giving thanks might be delivering food, toiletries or other needs to the homeless. The other is to avoid the traditional feast altogether, pack a hearty picnic, and head on out for a long hike. Healthier and there’s no better way to say thanks to the world than appreciating nature and the land we live in.


The Shopping Day of the year. Our tip: before going crazy because it’s a bargain, check what you really need. Are you making purchases “just because” or you’re seduced by something new and shiny?  Browse your closets and drawers. Something really needed? Then look for goods that are quality, that last, and are derived from eco-friendly materials. A good place to start is Sir Cadian. And of course, we’re sustainable, biodegradable, and let’s face it with sleepwear that doubles as undies, you can’t go wrong. And yes, you have to wait till November 25 to see what we have planned!

November 10, 2021 — Karys Rodriguez

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