From bees busily buzzing around the last of summer blooms to the seasonal offerings available at the Farmers’ Market, August, hot, sweaty, sensual in its sultriness yet simultaneously exhausting, brings forth signals of change in nature. While noon scorches, nights cool, and perceptibly lengthen, and with all this summer begins to feel slowly at its end.

Sylvia Plath described the emotional quality of August as “The odd uneven time”  when the best of the summer was gone, and the new fall not yet born. At Sir Cadian our thoughts have long left summer into holiday gifting, and next looks… But we also know it’s important to live in the now, which is why we start off our August blog with some ideas on how to make summer last!


Some suggestions on how to make those lazy-day feelings of summer last…

Don’t put your shorts and sandals away - yet.

Wear white after Labor Day.

Camp out, even if somewhere local (backyard). 

See a sprinkler running? Run through it!

Borrow or rent a convertible and go for a ride.

Make a playlist of your favorite summer songs.

Sun salutations at dawn in some natural setting.

Basketball in the school yard.

Beach runs with the dog at dusk.

Watch a local baseball game.

Shake (or stir) up some summer cocktails.

Lick your way through all the flavors of ice cream.

Visit as many outdoor markets (craft/art/antique) as possible.

Have a summer fling (romance, we mean).

Nap in a hammock.

Don’t give up on the Mojitos yet…

Have bbq’s till it snows…

Pick your own….(fill the blank)

Our happy way of making summer last? Walking bare feet, breakfast on the patio, homemade slushies! How are you going to make the summer last?


One thing everyone likes about August is the chance to stock up the wardrobe on some basics. The sales allow you to put down some summer stuff for next year, while new stock piques your interest. On our part we’re seeing people busy refreshing their top drawer with key essentials like Boxers. After all, nothing says a new season more than some fresh, new, eco-friendly undies.


As those lazy days of summer come to an end, what’s ahead? You may no longer be a “back to school” age, but that mindset never leaves you and you may find it time to consider how you want your fall to shape up. 

There’s a sense of “get organized”. Maybe thoughts of being more productive. Starting a hobby, enrolling in a class, joining a book or games club…Find out what the fun and educational options are near you as you ponder giving up the summer bliss for reality!


To extend the life of their blooms, many find themselves deadheading their blooms. Even if you don’t have a garden, the thought behind deadheading –is to sacrifice something past its time, so that something else can be nourished and grow, is worth consideration. You can parallel this to decluttering if you like, or maybe saying goodbye to habits that aren’t that helpful to life. In which case, no clippers, but some dedication, is all that’s needed. And now, as summer comes to its slow conclusion, is the perfect end to make those deadhead/dead end decisions that clear the way for a productive, and uncluttered fall. 


No thanks!  And, thankfully, due to our plant-based temperature modulating Tencel (™) Modal fabrication, overheating and waking up with sweaty sleepwear at night becomes a thing of the past. So, yes, do sweat the small stuff, and look for plant-based sleepwear  - like Sir Cadian.


What mitigates personal challenges (and most of us have some) is often helping others - it brings balance and understanding of one’s own blessings. Sometimes this help is self-initiated - adding to the community pantry or fridge when you are walking by for instance. Or maybe you want more commitment. From walking dogs in a pound, to delivering food to the homeless (which we do), to tutoring students, now feels like a good time to strengthen your community resolve. To find volunteer positions check your local municipality, faith organization or library, or create your own program. Volunteer Match can also hook you up with some local needs. 


Need a little help getting to sleep, but feel no need for a pill? Did you know that Tart Cherries deliver sleep-inducing melatonin and its production assistant tryptophan naturally? A nice, flavorful way to prepare for a restful night’s sleep. Look for a juice that is sugar free and drink about an hour before bedtime. Alternatively, look for tart cherry delivered in a capsule/tablet form. 

 As for us, while we’re buzzing with new thoughts re. Sir Cadian, we also intend to enjoy some late summer lazing, too. After all, summer only comes once a year.

Happy August!

Karys & Ale

August 11, 2022 — Karys Rodriguez

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