Summer's 'dog days' as per tradition runs from July 3 – August 1. Dog days are hot and sultry! We may find ourselves dragging our feet, moving a little slower… Because of this summer’s dog days are for holidays. For lingering lunches on park benches, for hanging out in the hammock, for running through the kid’s splash pad, for finding that neighborhood pool or its shady nooks. Its shorts and flip flops. And this dog day's Pillow Talk blog is dedicated to them… From what we want to eat (Oh, yeah, it’s also National Hot Dog Month) to some footnotes you might find relaxingly irresistible. Now go fetch! (We mean read!)


Whether meat or plant-based, it's not summer without a hot dog and this is their month!

Trad about your fixings? Sure tomato, mustard, and pickle are go-to’s but maybe it’s a time to explore some options – like avocado and salsa, kimchi for a Korean touch, chili for some fiesta tastes. Greek it up with a hot dog served with a salad of cucumbers, olives, tzatziki and crumbled feta. Or oh, la, la go French with melted gruyere, fried onions and a sprig of thyme! Our take: however you load your hot dog, enjoy!


Summer can be a miserable time for pooches. From hot as hell sidewalks, to glaring sun wilting their get up and go! What to do? Adapt or nix your fetch so there’s less running around and less opportunity for your bf to get overheated.  If you run with your dog, go early morning or late evening, keep to the shade and take plenty of water. Driving to the mall for a quick shop? Leave your dog at home. 


Who needs an excuse for a pedicure? Not women! Men maybe. But the good news: men are also catching up to the relaxing, foot soothing, toe tickling benefits and delights of having a mani-cure. From having nails trimmed, to soothing foot massages, pedicures set your feet up for relief – and more attractive feet when you go sockless in sandals. Not into the salon experience? Economical foot soaks (like eucalyptus mineral salts) which can bring relief to over-hiked feet to deliciously grainy plant-based foot scrubs that bring the feet back to baby-smooth, can help you create your own foot spa at home. (And, yay, keeping in the theme of dog days – dogs are slang for feet!)


Traveling in CA this summer? If you’ve got a head for heights and amazing views, you might find yourself on the  Palm Spring Aerial Tramway which is our way of reminding you it’s the fun motif in our summer Palm Springs “Tram” collection. The perfect shorts and tees for your summer fun. Have a peek!  (Also - since we’re feeling frisky - the seventh DM to respond with the date the Tramway opened will receive a free tee! Message us on IG @sircadianco)


If your summer highpoint is heading out for a camp out with little more than what you’re wearing, we can think of nothing better than the Sir Cadian kit of boxers One definite plus (apart from the overall breathability) is that the anti-bacterial element in the fabric means that if you are keeping your packing min-to-the-max you can wear the Boxer Briefs for a couple of days no problem (and no telling!). 


Summer’s social life and more relaxed holiday living can mean more between-meals snacking. You may not notice it at first. But as summer wears on, and the heat makes you hit the hammock more than the track you may feel the waist on your shorts getting tighter. An easy way to avoid weight gain is to make some swaps to your summer favs.


Calories are ballpark and vary depending on serving!

  • Regular v. light beer: Calories saved 42
  • Hot dog + fixings v. hot dog no bun +  mustard - calories saved: 182
  • Creamy dressing v. homemade vinaigrette - calories saved: 60
  • Gourmet Frappuccino v. iced coffee/almond milk - calories saved 250+  
  • Pasta salad v. spaghetti squash salad - calories saved: 180.
  • Orange juice (jugged) v. water - calories saved: 153
  • Ice cream v. fresh fruit popsicle - calories saved: 127 


Who said summer reading should be a corpse, or falling in love with a tour guide in an exotic resort? Here are four books that might find their way onto your shelf! And yes, a dog trots its way into one of them!

  • The Human by Matt Haig- What are we humans like to an alien? And does having a dog help? Discover in this fun yet philosophical look at human life on earth.
  • Bad Actors by Mick Herron- author of the popular program Slow Horses – brings back his gang of demoted MI5 operatives. The Russians are up to tricks (again) and a member of a think tank disappears.  You may find yourself using the line: “Never bring a spork to a knife fight”.
  • Sea of Tranquility by Emily St John Mandel- Time travel meets pandemics, moon colonies and author tours this is speculative fiction at its best and most gracefully written.
  • One Shot Harry by Gary PhillipsRacial tension and the seamy side of 1960’s Los Angeles star along with the hero - photographer, Harry Ingram, in this riveting novel of power, corruption and justice.

July may feel like the month of slow and easy, and even lazy, but don’t forget that a good night’s sleep is still the best way to start the day. Enjoy your dog days!

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July 07, 2022 — Karys Rodriguez

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