MAY: the month that provides us permission to cultivate the kind of Spring and Summer life we long for. A month named after Maia - the Roman spring goddess of growing plants (because yes, even in Roman times, this was when flowers burst into bloom).


The first rocking event of May is of course, the Mexican celebration of CINCO DE MAYO. Now adopted by all to be the day where there’s license to eat, drink and dance. It brings laughter, cheer, and sometimes a hangover, but it also brings diverse communities together – even when many may not quite remember the historical deed that made it a celebration in the first place (Mexican’s victory over France at the Battle of Puebla in 1862).  As for our suggestions re: Cinco de Mayo treats… Strangely all of them, for entirely personal passions - involve tortilla chips!

  1. Chilaquiles- traditionally eaten for breakfast, but great for any meal
  2. Chips & Queso - we only discovered queso when we moved to Austin, and now we love it!
  3. Guacamole & Salsa with chips - traditional, yet amazing!
  4. “Bread” your entree dish of fish and chicken with chips!
  5. For dessert - chips coated in cinnamon and sugar then baked … a home-made version of churros!


April showers, May flowers… Yup it’s true.

May is the time when those cities that had been shrouded in winter gloom come into their own via urban parks where canopies burst into leafy greenness, and flowers both ornamental and cultivated carpet the earth, where couples and even marriage parties may be found taking romantic selfies (yes, love can often blossom amidst blooms!). Our local favorite for a florally-inspired and utterly “wild” hike is the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in our hometown of Austin Texas. While in NY, Central Park’s famed cherry blossoms may have waned by May, but there’s the delight of a lilac walk planted in 1970 by philanthropist Nell Singer to remind us that  “even during periods of harsh conflict and confrontation, the delicate beauty and fragrance of the lilac have been faithful annual reminders of lovelier aspects in human relations.”  Cheers to lilacs - and all flowers - for that!


Of course all this blooming, and growing brings something rather awful: seasonal allergies. And with climate change there’s a sense that the allergy season is getting longer and allergic reactions getting worse. While grabbing a pack of your favorite antihistamines might do the job, you might want to invest in a neti pot instead. Inspired by the Indian ayurvedic tradition of cleansing the nasal passages, and resembling a teapot, a neti pot is filled with saline water and with a tilt of the head, used to flush out dirt, pollen, irritants and allergens from the nose – no meds needed. Using the neti pot proper (as opposed to the pharm-variations) a little organization is needed (the water should be saline from filtered water and not tap) and it may take a go or two to get into the hang of the flush, but otherwise, if sneezing, sniffling and feeling miserable is your springtime, it’s - achoo - worth a go.  Tip:  for a better night’s sleep, schedule your evening rinse one hour before bed.

Neti pots - ceramic, metal or plastic - are available in health food stores and online. Alternative options aimed at rinsing or irrigating the nasal passages, such as squeeze bottles and pressurized canisters, are available at your local pharma. 


If you haven’t stayed up all night for a while you may decide to participate in the May 10th Stay Up All Night Night.  Apparently the idea is “no sleep till morning” the entire night to be filled watching movies and snacking with friends  – a perfect pj party scenario in fact -  which means wearing your sleepwear – might be entirely appropriate. And, of course, Sir Cadians are ideal for that. Our most recommended All Nighter two-some – joggers and tee. Note this handsome twosome work for any time you are pulling an all nighter, fun or otherwise!


Think Mother’s Day is a Hallmark invention? Wrong!

The idea came from peace activist and community worker Ann Reeves Jarvis, and her friend Julie Ward Howard who after their experiences in the community and during the Civil War felt mothers should be commemorated for the  “matchless service they render to humanity in every field of life. It was only after Mrs Reeves’ death that  her daughter, Anna, in 1907 reinterpreted the day to be a celebration of “​​"The Best Mother who Ever Lived—Your Mother."  In 1914 President Woodrow Wilson made the day a National Holiday.


OK, we admit, we love the tease. Which is why over the next few weeks we will be dropping hints about our new limited edition collection of Sir Cadian on our IG. We also turn 1 on May 27 - so expect some surprises leading up to that. 

May you have a great month!

Karys & Ale    

May 05, 2022 — Karys Rodriguez

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