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The paradox of November. While the end of Daylight Savings Time on November 7 allows us to fall back an hour, what’s leaping ahead are thoughts of holiday - and all the giving and getting that represents. So maybe it’s timely to say, “we’re here for you”. Plus, our Holiday Page launches on Friday, November 12, click here for a hint!
Pillow Talk fluffs itself up, and gets ready for Fall by taking a reverent and sometimes irreverent look on what the new season brings to life –  the carbs we suddenly start to crave, as for that good night’s sleep does cold weather make a difference? We also give a shout out to Make A Difference Day and how the importance of every day acts of kindness that can make a difference in the day.
Sometimes a change of month and an upcoming change of season, changes everything...

Whatever August means to you, back to work, back to school, or a road trip, Sir Cadian has got you covered. Check our blog for what we’ve been doing, thinking, creating and listening to!

Sir Cadian's tips on how to have a cooler night’s sleep, suggestions on what to pack for that casual getaway, and the lowdown on the growing taste for mocktails! Enjoy!

The world yawns, stretches, wakes back up…Opportunities arise for socializing, dating, getting out and about, for resetting priorities and rebalancing life. And amidst it all, Sir Cadian sleepwear makes its debut. This month Pillow Talk looks at why we should consider saying “si” to siestas as well as why “dressing for bed” became our founding mission.

The story of where our name comes from and what we were inspired by! Our name was inspired by the word Circadian - from the latin “circa diem” – meaning, “around the day” And so -  Sir Cadian -  sleepwear that hops into bed with you and takes the rest of the day in its stride.