Limited edition prints that tell a story & take you places

-Sir Cadian

Our prints are inspired by what intrigues us: the past, exotic places, nature… For our first limited-edition collection our inspiration was the history and landscape of Tulum, Mexico. A legendary place where eventodaymagic happens. For our second collection, our imagination flew west to Palm Springs, CA where we got wowed by the colors, the flora, the architecture, and more! For this capsule collection, we created three prints that bring elements of this unique destination home!



Inspired by the breeze blocks used in mid-century Palm Springs residential architecture, and with a distinctive Palm Springs’ palette. Geometric’s repeat pattern has the bright and breezy look ideal for bedtime and anytime!


Local hero! The Palm Spring Aerial Tramway, the world’s largest rotating tram car, inspired Sir Cadian's first microprint that’s your ticket to ride into some fun summer style. Available in two reverse-out colorways.


A print that dips into Palm Springs’ surrounding desert to pay tribute to its native flora – the palm trees (of course!) and the various succulents that dot the terrain, all delivered in an artfully colorful print.



A print named after the notorious Pablo Escobar and inspired by the wallpaper discovered in his secret retreat in Tulum. Print motifs are Mayan characters dating from the 13-15th centuries. Escobar’s retreat is now a high-end hotel – where contemporary art shines against the backdrop of the stunning Caribbean Sea.


Our colourful homage to the indigenous Mayan people who made the jungle around Tulum their home. In this special edition print, the shapes and symbols of the Mayan culture are brought back to life. The print’s colors were inspired by Tulum itself - its nature, architecture, sunny skies, and sea.