April is the promise of a world that feels that it is finally opening up. Days finally feel longer, and warmer. Religious celebrations shape our family and friend get-togethers (and our feasting). It’s for packing an umbrella (those April showers!) Submitting one’s taxes…(Ugh!) And as always, embracing every day with joy and gratitude. 


We all know lack of sleep has its side effects. Irritability, yawning at inconvenient times, feeing drowsy at the wheel (please don’t!), and is implicated in a host of health concerns, but did you know that there’s a link between sex and sleep, and the link is testosterone?!

Thus, while your sex life may occasionally interfere with your sleep, lack of sleep can put a dent in your sexual activity. This is because testosterone is a hormone, the majority of which is released in men during sleep. Simply, your testosterone levels increase as you sleep and decrease the longer you're awake. The REM phase of sleep, happening late in the sleep cycle is when testosterone production is at its highest. And no, “Low T” doesn’t just happen in older men. Young men need their sleep, too, so listen up all you night owls!


Spring’s in the air, and when it comes to men who like a dab of scent it’s time to make a switch from winter’s warm-hearted scents to something that reflects your Spring/Summer mood and lifestyle. For inspiration we looked to brands that should be on your radar.

Heading to the great outdoors? Brooklyn-based ds&durga’s Cowboy Grass has a prairie air, or if you are a foodie with a hankering for something light and zesty you might enjoy their Italian Citrus! Beach bound? Seattle's House of Matriarch’s Albatross brings the briny sea breeze home. 

Remember,  keep it light and restricted to pulse points or warmest areas of your body like say, your inner elbow. This means you can go easy on the fragrance while still enjoying the olfactory pleasure of your own company.  


If the return of nature and better weather is luring you out onto the trails, here’s a tip. Whatever the weather, be sure to wear pants or joggers that narrow to the ankles. Exposing your skin to bugs, ticks, poison ivy, can leave you a lot itchy and more than a little ticked off for not being prepared. So cover up (legs, feet) and enjoy your hike with these Sir Cadian joggers.


Eating your greens. Wear ‘em too! For April we’re offering a special limited edition value-priced bundle of Tee and Shorts - all green, of course! A nice way to celebrate the new season!

April 17 – National Haiku Day!

“Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and grass grows by itself.” Matsuo Bashō

Did we say April was lyrical, well it’s also the month that Haikus - a  type of Japanese poetry -  are celebrated. With their zenlike simplicity, they bring chaotic minds back to earth. In celebration of the day, we made some up based on our favorite pastime, sleep! Check ‘em out - and perhaps make some up of your own!

He beside you, eyes shut, 

Light of breath.  Content.

Chirp! Here comes morning.

Sir Cadian


Sleep is a feast

of quiet and unspoken desires.

Tasty, savory, or sweet?

Sir Cadian


In sleep, rest

In sleepwear, comfort

In waking, joy!

Sir Cadian

April 22 – Earth Day

A day to celebrate and bring awareness to the need to heal our planet. There are so many every day small things that make the difference. Take a look here.

Our Part: Being sustainable was never not an option for Sir Cadian. As we move forward we trust our sustainable fibers, biodegradable non-plastic packaging are just the start of our journey to make Sir Cadian your choice of eco-friendly sleepwear.

Crazy busy in April? Don’t forget to sleep!

Ale & Karys

April 07, 2022 — Karys Rodriguez

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