Like most busy couples, going to bed was something we looked forward to. But there was also a peeve: Alejandro’s bedtime choice of scrappy tee and baggy shorts. Shopping for options brought us ideas, but we found nothing that made us both happy. Which is why we decided to create our own men’s sleepwear line. 

This meant changing our lives a little (actually a lot!), and suddenly finding ourselves launching a start-up. In Sir Cadian (you get the inspiration for the name, right?) you’ll find a lot of what we think is important in life - from environmental responsibility, to getting the tiniest details right (yes, we’re obsessed), and, of course, good night sleeps. The proof of our success:  Alejandro now “dresses” for bed!


Meet the new addition to our Sir Cadian family, “Mr. Bolita”.  And yes, he has his own set of Sir Cadians!