September... And with it comes the sense of anticipation as we think about coming changes - in the weather, in the way we relax, in the clothes we wear. Even what we eat. One thing is constant: our need for rest and sleep. Read on as we look at  “sleep hygiene” as well as a fragrant way to bring on the calm feelings you want before sleep. Happy September!

A Change of Bedding

Oh, sheet!  You’ve been tired. Too busy with summer weekends to think about the last time you changed your bedding. Well, here’s the thing. Changing your sheets, even your pj's, need regular scheduling to keep your sleep environment fresh, and healthy, so here goes - a recommended schedule with thanks to the Sleep Foundation.

Sheets Once a week.  Or, if the days are particularly hot and sweaty, every 3-4 days, Also if your pet is your current S.O. then you may want to wash the sheets more often to remove animal dander.
Pajamas Once a week, But we have to confess, because our Sir Cadian Tees, Shorts, and briefs are anti-bacterial they can run-over by a few days!
Duvet Covers Every 2 weeks or at least once a month.
Quilted Comforters Every 2-3 months.
Blankets Once every 2-3 months.
Pillows If washable, once every 4-6 months. 
Mattress Protector Once every 4-6 months.

Still too busy? Here are some ways to extend that laundry date by a couple of days:

  1. Vacuum the mattress : the 3 “Ds”  - dust, dander and dust mites can be picked up by a quick vacuum
  2. Avoid going to bed sweaty or with makeup on
  3. Convince your pet their bed is the fluffy one on the floor
  4. If you go around barefoot, wipe your feet off before getting into bed
  5. Freshen your sheets between washes by giving them a shake and hanging them outside to air
  6. Wear sleepwear that wicks sweat and keeps you fresh between washes (Sir Cadian will do!)


A Change of Mood

We all know that heading to bed in a relaxed state of mind is the best prep for sleep. Some minutes of meditation can do it. But certain aromas can also help promote relaxation by reducing stress and calming the nerves. With sleeplessness becoming a common complaint, there are even  “sleep scents' ' or essences on the market to help the insomnia-prone.  Saje’s Restful Diffuser Blend collection has four offerings including one simply called Good Night, while Mauli Rituals offers a Sleep Dharma Pillow Mist that adds a sense of calm.  

You can, of course, curate or blend your own sleep scents from essential oils – see the table below for the ones noted for their ability to calm and relax. To use: blend your choice with almond oil, and rub into the skin. Or place a drop of oil on a cotton handkerchief and place it under your pillow. 

Diffusers also work well in the bedroom and are safer than candles. Whether or not these botanical scents actually induce sleep, they can help create a sleeping environment that makes your bedroom feel like a sanctuary. Whatever your scent, keep it reserved to your bedroom so that, on entering, your body receives the right olfactory cues for a calm and restful sleep. 

Let your “nose” decide. Botanically derived, these are the essential oils most associated with calm feelings and sleep. Find - or blend - your own sleep scent.

  • Lavender helps with mild insomnia/ sleeplessness
  • Valerian – calms and produces a sedative effect
  • Bergamot – reduces feelings of anxiety
  • Chamomile – a go-to for pre-bed calm-me-down tea, the oil may help reduce anxiety
  • Clary Sage reduces the levels of hormones associated with stress and preps the body for a good night’s rest
  • Sweet Marjoram – may increase sleep quality
  • Cedarwood – produces a calming, sedative effect


Because change means “turning the page” we took it literally and looked at the delight of “reading in bed”. 

That novel you want to read... Digital or Printed Page? Hands down, in Sir Cadianville,  the printed page. Apparently the backlit lighting and blue light of tablets can disrupt the production of natural melatonin which in turn wrecks your sleep patterns to the extent that you wake up tired and less alert. Also, if you’re prone to falling asleep halfway through a chapter, a book, more than a tablet, will survive the slip from the bed. What can also influence the quality of sleep may be your choice of bedtime reading, i.e that riveting thriller that the critics say “was impossible to put down” might not be the best book to get you sleep.

On our bedside tables: The Midnight Library, Matt Haig; Braiding Sweetgrass, Bonnie Wall Kimmerer;The Human Age, Diane Ackerman; Sustainability for the Rest of Us, John Pabon; A Promised Land, Barack Obama; Barbarians at the Gate, Bryan Burrough and John Helyard; Nine Perfect Strangers, Liane Moriarty. 

Change of Color Palette:

All summer you loved wearing white. It felt fresh, clean, right for the season. But as we go into September, it’s time for change. As you swap lightweight chinos for sturdy denim what works now is a darker, yet not somber, palette - brown or grey, or Sir Cadian’s preference, navy or green - tones that usher in the start of your new fall look. And of course there’s black - the perfect go-to for any season. Wear on their own, or start your layering with one as your base. Shop Now.


Hispanic Heritage Month September 15 – October 15

A change of place doesn’t always mean a departure from culture. At Sir Cadian, our passion for Hispanic culture can be seen in our first print. Inspired by a 10 month long stay in Tulum, Mexico, founders Karys and Alejandro soaked in the local inspo and brought them together in our prints. While they now live in Austin, Texas, Ale’s and Karys’ cultural roots  - Mexico and Puerto Rico -  can be seen in their appreciation for music, dance, the foods they eat on special days and the Spanish they speak to each other. Interested in how our Hispanic heritage inspires Sir Cadian? Take a read of the story behind our one-of-a-kind prints!

Join Sir Cadian in celebrating this month with some Hispanic music and dishes!

Listen: Marc Anthony, Bad Bunny, Maluma, Alejandro Fernandez, Luis Miguel.

Eat: Mofongo, tostones, chilaquiles, mole.

September 08, 2021 — Karys Rodriguez

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