Welcome to Sir Cadian. Welcome to Summer. Welcome (back) to friends, hugs, social lives, stolen siestas, and for the kind of easy, comfortable, stylish dressing that works all ways. And the launch of Sir Cadian.

If you are anywhere that’s everywhere, you’ll feel something different in the air. A sense of opening. Liberation. More freedom. A life that feels more balanced. Of more harmony. Of a return to relationships. Dating! Of falling in love. Of opening the house and yard to hanging out with friends and family, of keeping it casual and doing the “low key” thing. A perfect environment for Sir Cadian sleepwear to make its debut.

With people reconsidering homelife and the many joys of it, our sleepwear enters a post-covid environment where what matters has come in focus. Where work, play, and rest each contribute to our well-being. Which is where Sir Cadian fits in.

Dreamed up during 2020, developed during the time we were housebound. We connected the dots of what matters. Dressing for Bed may seem like a weird response to a pandemic. But it worked to bring our brand thoughts together so that Sir Cadian - the brand - and its sleepwear - reflects all the things that are important to us. Health. Well-being. Environmental Responsibility. So, while in Sir Cadian you may see sleepwear, we see a dream come true.

Model wearing a Sir Cadian neck green tee in a hammock


North American culture doesn’t embrace the siesta. But now that so many of us are WFH, maybe it’s time we followed those cultures that do. 

 First off: siesta is defined by its time of day. The origins of the word "siesta" comes from the Latin sexta hora, or “ sixth hour". In Roman times that was mid-day. That’s why in Europe the right time for a siesta is considered to be after lunch, say from 1pm to 3pm. The perfect moment for the napping body to digest your mid-day meal.

Where to siesta? While it could be anywhere - inside or out -  your senses will respond to somewhere peaceful, shady, complete with hammock or lounger.  To help you drift off... Perhaps some ambient music, noise cancelling earphones, a sleep mask such as the one from Sir Cadian which double-duties as noise and light blocker.

In North America, the likelihood you can nap for 2 hours without your smartphone going crazy is unlikely, but whatever the length of your siesta, don’t destroy the benefits by waking up and running off. Do it gently. Stretch. Inhale/exhale slowly. And consider the benefits to your body and mental health of giving yourself permission to rest, of taking more time for you. 

Siestas, patios, bbq’s, vacations! Summer tees off this month...


Karys & Ale

June 09, 2021 — Karys Rodriguez

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