August! The unofficial last  month of the summer and also the most confusing. On one side, it’s still summer, and there are still pools to dive into, bbq’s to enjoy, and patios to relax in.On the other hand there’s this sense of back to school, normal, everyday, whatever. Whichever mental side you are on, one thing you may need is lots of rest, and hey! we’re here to see you do that in comfort and style.


Are you an early bird? Do you love to get up, and get going? Do you irritate your S.O. because you are just so Up on being Up you just can’t stop yourself being chatty? Research has shown that people who get up when the alarm goes off, or are early birds by nature and wake with sun-up, generally start the day well. Sure, leaping out of bed and getting going could mean you're late for the train, but as ongoing habit it reveals optimism and positive attitude and maybe even a high regard for breakfast. They also tend to be healthier, more productive and successful (you probably have read about those A-list 4:30 am early risers who are great achievers). Early birds also benefit from being able to enjoy some quiet and uninterrupted time for exercise, meditation, or a read of the news while the coffee is brewing. It’s also true that society – at least before wfh - is framed more around the early bird than the night owl. However, at Sir Cadian we believe that both early birds and grumpy bears can benefit from buttery soft and ultra-comfortable sleepwear (and sweet dreams), of course!


Turn early rising and happy mornings into a life-long intent.

  1. Keep worries out of the bedroom and go to bed with a positive attitude.
  2. Find something worthwhile and pleasurable to get up for on an on-going basis. It could be having a bike ride/run in the quiet of the city before anyone else. Or heading to the gym!
  3. We don’t recommend getting a dog just so you can get up and walk them, but an early morning dog walk is usually a pleasure. No doubt your dog will agree.
  4. Dedicate the first half hour of your day to a non-digital activity - say reading, journaling, drawing, meditating, stretching - things you may not have time for once the day gets started and the computer gets switched on.
  5. Avoid loud and nasty alarms and political chat - both can set the day off on the wrong foot.

Sir Cadian's Shopify Playlist


Nothing moves us like music. It’s our drift into sleep, the backdrop to our day, and the chill-out of our evening.  Which is our intro to say: Sir Cadian’s summer playlist is now up on Spotify. Listen in and listen up to the sounds we feel capture summer’s happy beat.


We love the thought of “mindful consumerism”. Basically it means: pause, think before you buy and make good choices - i.e. buy less and buy better. Giving up instant gratification for something new from that monthly “fast fashion drop” and waiting to afford something high quality, long lasting, and sustainable is the new way to go. Sure, brands that put that extra effort into creating quality and earth-friendly goods may charge a little more to cover the extra costs of being ethical and sustainable but they  are our heroes. It’s how we positioned Sir Cadian. And through the sum of each small detail in our sleepwear– from our ultra-soft eco-fabric to the quality finishes, we believe we’ve created something worth waiting for.


At Sir Cadian we have a love for nuts – almond milk for shakes, cashews for making dips, tamari almonds at happy hour and mixed nuts for our hikes, and since we live in Austin, TX,  we got to mention the nut-based fromage from our local plant-based cheesemaker, Rebel Cheese.  But what we love most is how we swapped out the plastic button we use for the Robe for a button made from the corozo nut found throughout South America. Why? Because while a button is a small thing is just one more piece of our sustainability pie. 

Model wearing Sir Cadian eye mask


Hot out? Got a headache? Chances are it’s caused by dehydration. A quick answer is to avoid those thudding heads by keeping hydrated. But, in addition to drinking more water, here’s a hack: try putting your Sir Cadian eye mask to work as a cold compress. Bag and place in the freezer for about 30 minutes. Apply to forehead or over eyes then lie down for about 15 minutes and see if you feel some relief. Not into putting your mask in the freezer? Resting the eyes from the glaring sun can also work miracles. Lie down, pull the blinds and/or put on your Sir Cadian eye mask and give your eyes, body and spirit a rest.


Turns out our customers not only sleep in their Sir Cadians, but also choose to hang out in them – and not just in the house. A tip: our joggers can slip out of bed, and head out on that for the early morning dog walk or coffee run no problem. With their handy smartphone pocket you can also order ahead and that slow-drip fair trade coffee will be ready for you by the time you and pooch pass by.

Dad at Austin FC wearing Sir Cadian's black tee


What better way to get into our new hometown than to go out and support the local Austin FC soccer club. Dad came along and got into the Sir Cadian team spirit by wearing one of our tees!  


August 04, 2021 — Karys Rodriguez

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