Looking for a name for our men’s sleepwear was definitely a conversation. Our intent was to find a name that sounded like sleepwear a man and his SO would relate to, and that inspired the idea of rest, bedtime, sleep, intimacy, and being “dressed for bed”. In thinking about the importance of sleep, we kept returning to the idea of circadian rhythms and how they naturally bring balance to and influence our waking and sleeping cycles... and something clicked.

Circadian itself was too obscure. But Sir Cadian, a fun play on the word, did. Since men’s sleepwear is our thing, we ran with it, and in doing so created the character of Sir Cadian – our hero, who loves going to bed, enjoys tumbles between the sheets, inspires compliments from happy SOs, and in all ways is the best ever bed mate. You can meet him in our product descriptions, in our marketing material, and he’ll sometimes make an appearance in our appropriately- named Pillow Talk blog!

But where you’ll enjoy him best… is hanging out in bed with you.


Karys & Ale

April 27, 2021 — Karys Rodriguez


Quin Robertson said:

Great name!

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